Basic criteria for establishment of a scholarship with

Winnacunnet Dollars for Scholars, Inc.

1) Type of funding:

(a) Permanent/perpetual award -- For this type award we require an initial endowment of $25,000. We invest our permanent endowments with New Hampshire Charitable Foundation (NHCF) and only use the annual disbursements from NHCF to fund scholarships. NHCF sets a disbursement rate each year that is generally less than the investment earnings, so that the principal of the endowment can grow over time - resulting in higher disbursements in future years, which allows the scholarship amounts to increase over time. In 2013 investment earnings were 14%, yet the disbursement rate was 4% - which resulted in an increase in the value of our permanent endowments.  Please note: Our investments with NHCF are irrevocable/permanent so we do not have the ability to withdraw any of the principal investment or investment earnings above the annual disbursement.

(b) Non-permanent award -- This approach works well if you do not have the minimum initial donation required to establish the permanent/perpetual award or if you intend to make the scholarship aone-time award. This does not preclude you from making a recurring award; we have quite a number of scholarships we handle this way. If you want to establish this type award the essentials of criteria, etc. remain the same, but you must provide Winnacunnet Dollars for Scholars, Inc. with information regardingthe size of the award you intend to make. We will contact you late in the year each year to determine your wishes for the upcoming year.

2) Criteria for the scholarship

Our awards committee reviews student applications in a "name-blind" process, matching scholarship criteria to each student's merits. In accordance with our bylaws and in compliance with federal law all selections are the sole purview of the awards committee. Criteria can include things like academic performance, financial need (as determined by FASFA), extra-curricular participation inside and outside of school, intended field of study, community service, etc. You may also want to set primary and secondary criteria, allowing the awards committee some flexibility in years when

there may be no applicants who meet the primary criteria. We will be happy to work with you on this as the criteria may often limit the number of eligible applicants.

3) Name of the award: (honoree) Memorial Scholarship; or (organization or business) Scholarship, etc. We will work with you on this also.

Our mission at Winnacunnet Dollars for Scholars, Inc. is to serve the graduates of the Winnacunnet High School in their efforts to continue their education beyond high school. We will do everything in our power to help you help them achieve their goals with this commendable idea.